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What is Ceiba?

The Ceiba Foundation for Tropical Conservation is a nonprofit organization founded in 1997, dedicated to the preservation and rehabilitation of tropical habitats, and the conservation of their plants and animals.  Our mission is to sponsor scientific research, provide public education and support community-based actions that promote the conservation of ecosystem integrity and biodiversity.  We emphasize projects which promote the empowerment of local landowners and communities, and encourage them to actively participate in the sustainable management of their land.

Our name is taken from the Ceiba tree (pronounced "SAY-ba"), a giant of tropical forests, which provides a home for scores of plants and animals in its lofty and epiphyte-laden canopy (more information).


  • support community-based wildlife and habitat conservation efforts in tropical South and Central America, with a focus on private lands
  • encourage resource management practices that maintain ecosystem integrity and biodiversity
  • promote environmental education via field courses, teacher-training and community outreach activities
  • monitor the impacts of human land uses on ecosystems, habitats and species diversity
  • facilitate communication between conservation organizations, farmers, scientists, and resource managers

Current Projects

How you can help!

Ceiba receives all of its funding from public donations, private contributions and grants.  100% of the money we receive in donations is used to fund our projects, so your contribution makes a direct difference!  If you can't contribute financially, consider becoming a Ceiba volunteer. You can also contribute new or used equipment or supplies that we need for our projects; see our wishlist of currently needed items.

For more information, or to send a contribution:

Ceiba Foundation for Tropical Conservation
301 S. Bedford Street, Suite 7A
Madison, WI 53703
Tel: (608) 230-5550
or contact Ceiba online

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